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Word of Advice: Gratitude will set you Free!

The Filmmaker Brian Ging in Berlin

The Filmmaker Brian Ging in Berlin

One thing you notice when you meet film writer, editor and producer BRIAN GING is that you are likely to be looking UP.  At 200 centimetres tall and beaming a bright smile, you immediately feel there is something truly special about this guy.  We Are Daytrippers was lucky to catch the busy filmmaker for a few minutes. Ging  hails from Los Angeles, California together with his talented wife (they met many years ago on a movie set) and their cat Simba.  Brian encourages us to follow our dreams one step at a time.  Here are his words of advice:

I write, direct, and edit movies in California and other locations in the USA. I also make my living editing tv shows and commercials. This had been my dream job since I was a kid in high school, but its been a long journey to get here. I grew up a regular middle-class kid living in Phoenix, Arizona. This felt like a million miles from Hollywood (where I now live). I also had no idea what the journey would look like for me to make it here. I didn’t have any movie studio connections, knew nobody named Spielberg, and often barely made enough money to pay my rent and car payments while getting work where I could… I’m not by any means making the big budget films like you see at your local cinemaplex, but I am making lower budget films and projects that I care about. And I’m still for the most part just paying my rent and car payments. But without question, I’m doing what I love.

Brian behind the scenes.

Brian Ging perfecting his craft.


I’m often asked how I got here. How did I end up with a life where I am paid to be creative for a living? Most people are looking for the magic bullet answer, the secret backdoor shortcut to reach their goal. I know in the beginning I certainly was, and I was pretty irritated that I couldn’t find it. I read books about film directors who’s first movie was discovered and they were swept into the Hollywood machine as “golden children” and granted fame and riches. I thought that sounded pretty good and I’d try that. After making my first film, that didn’t happen… The reality is that it doesn’t matter whether you are trying to build a career in a highly competitive industry like Hollywood, or working through a physical disability to strengthen your muscles with your physical therapist: There are no shortcuts. You just put one foot in front of the other (you screw up most of the time) but you grow and get better! I have always tried to simply look for the next bar on the ladder, the next step in the staircase. Whether it was working hard for free, or helping people who almost always organically helped me – I tried to make every film or commercial or project I worked on better than the last, growing and increasing my skill set.


The hardest thing for me about having such big dreams was constantly measuring how far I was away from my dream. Look how many stairs I still have to go! So many I can’t even count them! Which can be quite disheartening. To always be talking about “someday I’ll be great”, or “someday I’ll have the life I want” makes it incredibly hard to be happy in this moment… now. And that’s the secret really. To be happy in this moment, with where we are; with the step on the ladder we are currently standing on. Its like they say, gratitude will set you free.


So no matter what your dream, or your goal, realize that the only way you will reach it is to just take the next step in front of you. That’s all you are responsible for right now. I’ve learned to appreciate where I am, and where I was at in the journey towards my dreams.

One day I looked up and realized that… wow I’m doing something that would have made that teenage Brian pretty proud.  It snuck up on me really. A fifteen year overnight success and I still have a long way to go; one step at a time. Often the scariest steps I’ve taken have led to the most growth.


Brian Ging as a kid channelling Groucho Marx

Brian Ging as a kid channelling Groucho Marx

Good luck with whatever your passion is, or your dream. And know that the struggles and challenges you face … we all face them. The best thing you can do is be grateful for where you are at right now, and just take things one step at a time.









Thank you so much Brian Ging for your contribution.

Connect with Brian Ging on Twitter:  @briangging

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5 Minutes With … Leon Logothetis


Leon cuddling a Boston Terrier.

Leon cuddling a Boston Terrier.

Not only does LEON LOGOTHETIS believe in being a kind person; he believes in the kindness of others.  According to Leon you can find kind people everywhere – all over the world in fact (and he would know).  Mr. Logothetis has been to every continent, visited 50 countries and hosted the TV series ‘Amazing Adventures of a Nobody.’  He documented his travels getting by on £5.00 per day and the decency of others in the form of his book The Kindness Diaries (available for purchase December 2014).

We Are Daytrippers think that any person who takes life by the horns and goes for it like Leon does deserves high marks in our book!  On his website it states:  “Changing lives one adventure at a time.”  Daytrippers can certainly relate to that challenge.  We are thankful to Leon for his time in this brief interview.


The Daytrippers Team: Who is currently your role model or mentor?

Leon Logothetis: I would say that the people I meet on my adventures around the world are my mentors & my role models. They teach me how to be a better person and how to see that there are two sides to every story. They also keep me humble and keep me on my toes.

Ultimately, i guess what i am saying is that ‘people’ from all walks of life have taught me that we really are all the same. We have good traits. we have bad traits. But at base we all want the same things: Love. Acceptance. Hope.

The Daytrippers Team:  Did you have a role model or mentor as a child?

Leon Logothetis: I had a mentor when I was a teenager, Dr Susan Mann.  She taught me to believe in myself. She taught the power of kindness and the necessity of following your dreams.

Leon goes bonkers!

Leon goes bonkers!

The Daytrippers Team:  What is your creative talent?

Leon Logothetis: I think my creative talent is in my writing and in my ability to connect with people. I cultivated both of these things by taking risks!

The Daytrippers Team:  Would you share a challenge in your life? 

Leon Logothetis: One of the greatest challenges I had in my life was living someone else’s definition of my life. My failure to live my own dreams led me towards depression and disappointment. when I left my job as  a broker I found the courage to be the person I always wanted to be.  In finding that courage, I have been inspired by many people along the way; people who have made me into the person I am today. Without all the connections I made, I wouldn’t be living my truth.

The Daytrippers Team:  What motivates or inspires you to be creative?

Leon Logothetis: The act of creating is motivated by my desire to inspire others to be the best they can be.  If something I do speaks to someone else in even a small way then my creativity has been worth it. And another thing that inspires my creativity is that its fun to be creative!

The Daytrippers Team: Do you have any advice for children who are facing difficulties?

Leon Logothetis: As a kid I was bullied and felt very shy and introverted. I was lucky because I met some people who believed in me and showed me that I was worth a lot more than I thought I was. If anyone tries to put you down, or take away your joy, just remember that you are worth a lot more than you think … and if that doesn’t work contact me and I will tell you!

The Daytrippers Team:  Thank you so much Leon for your contribution.

Connect with Leon Logothethis: @LeonLogothetis

LeonLogothetis.comLeon Logothetis

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5 Minutes With … Dan van der Kooy

dan JT

Producer and Photographer Dan van der Kooy at Joshua Tree in California.

     Producer with Turner Broadcasting since 2000, DAN VAN DER KOOY talks to We Are Daytrippers about his love of cameras, photography and re-discovering the role his Dutch grandparents played during World War 2. Dan began his career in television interviewing celebrities and rock stars for CNN’s World Beat and Music Room until branching into covering sports for Turner.  He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his yogi wife Leah and their beagle, Lucy.

The Daytrippers Team: Did you have a role model or mentor as a child?

Dan van der Kooy:  As a child I had many role models.  My parents and grandparents all played an important part in shaping the person  I am today.  Looking back now, I can see that they also played an important role in my love of cameras.  Throughout my childhood cameras were not nearly as common as they are today.  Of course there was no such thing as smart phones, “selfies” and “status updates”, but there was always someone there with a camera to document special experiences in my life.  My family knew the importance of taking photographs and video to capture important events and made it so that even today I can look back at photos and remember special times in my life.

The Daytrippers Team: Who is your current role model?

Dan van der Kooy: My current role model is anyone who is older and wiser than I am.  I often learn important real life lessons from their past experiences which I believe helps to make me a better human.  In a time where the term “reality” is thrown around in a very unreal way, and so much of the world is fake and petty, I think it is more important than ever to look to older people as role models and ask them about their past experiences to learn how they got to where they are today.  There is an entire generation of people still on earth today that made it through extremely important events without the use of smart phones, computers or the internet.  I love to meet older people and ask them about their life.  To me there are so many interesting people in the world and all you have to do is stop and take the time to meet them and listen to their stories.

The Daytrippers Team: What is your creative talent and how did you cultivate it?

Dan van der Kooy:  My creative talent is the ability to capture time and tell stories through the use of cameras, editing equipment and writing.  Throughout the last decade I have been documenting the stories of my grandparents’ experiences in Holland throughout World War 2.  I believe in preservation and the importance of passing along these important stories so that they do not get lost among all of the useless information floating around the universe today.

Dan with his dutch grandma who survived WW2 in Holland.

Dan with his grandma.

The Daytrippers Team: What motivates or inspires you to be creative?

Dan van der Kooy: The ability to capture my perspective of a certain moment in time with a camera is what motivates me.  Whether it is in the beautiful, quiet nature of a National Park or in the busiest city street, there is something about having the ability to freeze the moment forever and pass it along to future generations that makes me sleep better at night.

The Daytrippers Team:  Thank you so much for your contribution.

Connect with Dan:


follow him on twitter @danvanderkooy

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