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When I was a kid: Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky


NOAM CHOMSKY, the eighty-five year old Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, finally took the bait.  After writing a love letter to him in September he responded that he appreciated it and also wrote that Daytrippers Children’s Charity was “a wonderful mission and when asked his favourite thing to do as a child; he said:


“I guess my favorite thing to do as a young child was to play all day at the beach in the summer, and when I was a little older, to curl up in a corner with a pile of books.”

Noam Chomsky as a child

Noam Chomsky as a child

Noam Chomsky was born in 1928 in Philadelphia, a point in time that seems distant to most of us; yet childhood enjoyments remain the same in any era.  We love the thought of a young Noam tucked in a small space reading countless books, questioning everything he read and unaware of the man he would eventually become – it aligns with his remarkably insatiable quest for knowledge, transformation, excellence and philosophy of the mind.

Daytrippers receives many applications to fund group days out to the seaside.  For some kids, it might be the first or only time they will ever experience the beach.  In Chomsky’s quote for We Are Daytrippers about his favourite thing to do as a child, Mr. Chomsky reminds us that a day at the beach and having the time to read a good book is full of rewards.

Thank you to Noam Chomsky for your contribution!


The Daytrippers Team

Does Mr. Chomsky like books or what?

Does Mr. Chomsky like books or what?

Connect with Mr. Chomsky:  http://www.chomsky.info/


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The Daytrippers Team: Love Letter to Noam Chomsky

How to convince NOAM CHOMSKY that We Are Daytrippers would greatly value his contribution?  To my chagrin his last response read: “Wish I could help, but I am afraid I cannot answer these questions.  I didn’t have a mentor or role model as a child, and don’t now, and have nothing of interest to say about the other topics.”  LogoPlease_Cuore.jpg

In May of 2014 I watched Noam speak at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London which happened to coincide with when the concept for We Are Daytrippers began to formulate.   The discussion at Chatham House was about Rethinking US Foreign Policy  of which I personally know very little but was curious to hear what Noam Chomsky had to say in person.  The legend was as I expected; comfortable in his own skin, pleasantly argumentative and brilliant in his responses.  And why wouldn’t he be? He has the experience, education, expertise and connections to find out many answers to US Foreign Policy.

Noam Chomsky speaking at Chatham House, 2014

Noam Chomsky speaking at Chatham House, 2014

It is for this reason I was so keen to feature Noam Chomsky and find out his answers to my 5 Minutes With section; pure curiosity.  When I mentioned my wish while chatting with a friend she cooly said “oh I used to correspond with Noam all the time while studying linguistics at Oxford” and a few minutes later she e-mailed some of their correspondence to me as further proof.

What’s a girl to do when she’s given the contact details of a man she wants to interview?

The next day I e-mailed him my interview questions and information about We Are Daytrippers and two hours later an assistant responded to say that Professor Chomsky was travelling. Bingo!  Just the mere response from the assistant was exciting.

A month later I sent a follow up e-mail.  Two days later Mr. Chomsky responded:

“The deluge of requests for interviews is so enormous that I am compelled, reluctantly, to resort to this form letter to say that I cannot consider any further ones until at least September.  Sorry, but just no choice.”

When 1st September rolled around I made sure to follow up for the third time thinking in the back of my mind that maybe just maybe this could be the time.

Let’s face it, Noam Chomsky IS understandably inundated with interview requests regarding human rights, international affairs, foreign policy, linguistics … the list of areas where he is considered an expert is long.  He is GREAT in an interview and can be controversial.

We Are Daytrippers aims to create an inclusion audience.  By inclusion I mean an audience of readers made up of Daytrippers Children’s Charity supporters, active members in our database and experts; but also engaging people who are not affected by children with disabilities and or life-threatening illnesses.  By doing this, we raise awareness about disability, our charity and create (hopefully) interesting content.

There are many evidence-based studies about the positive impacts role models, mentors, experts and creatives have on an individual throughout his or her life.  Our aim is to promote suitable role models for all children, disabled or not, in hopes that they might benefit.  One of our favorite advocates in this area is the neuro-scientist Mary Helen Immordino-Yang who has agreed to contribute to We Are Daytrippers.

Noam Chomsky, might you please reconsider and contribute too?

Respectfully yours,

Brook from The Daytrippers Team

Read some articles about Noam Chomsky here: http://www.chomsky.info/


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