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5 Minutes With … Stephen Clancy

Irish professional cyclist Stephen Clancy

Irish professional cyclist Stephen Clancy

The reputation of 22-year-old Irish cyclist STEPHEN CLANCY is impeccable. A bright, talented and kind person, it is no wonder he was asked to become an ambassador for Team Novo Nordisk; the world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team. Stephen has raced 4598.25 kilometres in 33 race days in 2014 to places all over the world such as Azerbaijan, Taiwan, Denmark, Italy, France, Korea, USA, China and next week his team travels to the UK. We Are Daytrippers could not be more pleased to have his contribution to the 5 Minutes With … section and we will be proudly cheer on his team at the Tour of Britian from 7th – 14th September, 2014.  Best of luck to you in your next race, Stephen.

The Daytrippers Team:  Did you have a role model as a child?

Stephen Clancy:  Not really, however I always did look up to the top sportspeople in whatever sport I was interested in at the time as I grew up. I always admired how they were the best in the world at what they did, and what they did in order to achieve that success.

The Daytrippers Team: Who is currently your role model or mentor?

Stephen Clancy:  I would say all my Team Novo Nordisk teammates. They inspire me to combine professional cycling and live with Type 1 diabetes. Seeing that they can do it motivates me to succeed and they are always very understanding and willing to offer support.

The Daytrippers Team:  What is your talent and how do you cultivate it?

Stephen Clancy:  I consider myself a very positive, optimistic person. I try to look at the good in everything and don’t focus too much on the negative. As a result, I feel I can handle setbacks quite well and take positives from most things. I use them as stepping-stones and motivators to continue to progress and succeed.

Photograph copyrighted by Eibhir

Photograph copyright by Eibhir

The Daytrippers Team: Would you share a challenge in your life?

Stephen Clancy:  Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 19 years of age was certainly a challenge for me. It was a huge shock and difficult to understand at first. I overcame it by learning as much as I could through research and experience. In the end, this time and effort rewarded me by being able to well manage my diabetes and consequently being able to return to competitive cycling and eventually to race professionally.

The Daytrippers Team:  Do you have any advice for children who face difficulties?

Stephen Clancy:  You can still pursue your dreams. Since I was diagnosed, I’ve worn a medical ID bracelet on my wrist with the engraving “impossible is nothing”. I faced the challenge of overcoming the obstacles presented by my diabetes diagnosis and I’ve exceeded the expectations of what I thought I could achieve. This is not the only test I’ve encountered in my life. Everybody is different and everyone faces different difficulties, however whatever it may be in life, you must try to be positive and think optimistically to overcome the challenges life throws at you. You have one life, you have got to take the bad with the good and live it to the max.

The Daytrippers Team: Thank you so much Stephen!

Learn more about Team Novo Nordisk:  http://www.teamnovonordisk.com/

Stay connected with Stephen Clancy: @teamnovonordisk

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5 Minutes With … Shaun Buswell


English musician Shaun Buswell at the 121212 Challenge

Daytrippers Children’s Charity worked with Shaun Buswell on a very special project.  He created an orchestra made up of musicians he met as strangers while traveling on the London Underground and then put on a fundraising event for our charity performing with the orchestra at the O2 Shepherds Bush Empire in January 2013 called the 121212 Challenge.  Shaun Buswell and his lovely girlfriend Gina were a powerhouse who worked together to make sure that this challenge was a success.  And a success it absolutely was.  Shaun’s philanthropy (this was not his first challenge) and musical skills coupled with his vision of doing good while pushing himself to the limit is inspiring.  We learn more about Shaun, Lutz Long and coffee cups in our 5 Minutes With section:


5 Minutes With Shaun Buswell:

The Daytrippers Team: Did you have a role model or mentor as a child?

Shaun Buswell:  I think we generally have a lot of role models in our lives growing up, but often don’t consider them as such until much later on. For me, the person who springs to mind first is my grandad, Sidney. He died when I was 8 but his influence on my life still resonates today. He was the first person who taught me to draw and to look at things differently. My earliest memory was when he showed me a coffee cup. He said “see, when you look at it from the top it’s a circle. But when you draw it, the circle is squashed into an ellipse. It’s a different shape but still the same thing”. As a toddler it blew my mind and it made me realise that we can view things more than one way.

The Daytrippers Team:  Who is currently your role model or mentor?

Shaun Buswell:  There are people in history I still consider role models. Lutz Long, the athlete from the 1936 Olympics is someone I admire greatly, for being someone who showed great compassion and sportsmanship in the face of fascist oppression. As for mentors, I’ll always continue to look to my mother and brother for guidance and, of course, my lovely girlfriend, Gina, who gets the brunt of my frustrations but keeps my feet on the ground while letting my head float in the clouds. Mentors are often closer than we realise, and I think we should never underestimate the effect our friends have on us. Finding good friends who you can honest with is a valuable thing in life.

The Daytrippers Team:  What is your creative talent and how did you cultivate it?

Shaun Buswell:  I think most people say my music making is the main creative talent, and the things I do with my challenges. I never had any specific music lessons growing up, but was given a guitar by my uncle when I was about 16, and decided just to sit and learn by myself. I wanted to do things my way, in a way that made me happy, and not follow the standard way of doing things. And yet, I’ve proven that if you apply yourself, with just an idea, you can make anything happen. I find the sentence “that’s just the way things are done” is one of the most destructive things to creativity. That’s why I’m always so pleased to see people walk their own paths and have a lot of respect for someone who does their own thing, even when it’s the hardest thing to do.

The Daytrippers Team:  Have you had any experiences with disabled people?

Shaun Buswell: I’ve done some work with Music Alive, which who initiate and develop creative music making with disabled and non-disabled people. It’s one of my most enjoyable times playing with these guys and seeing how they work. They have a lot of cool, fun instruments. The biggest eye opener was working with people with severe physical disabilities and taking the time to understand what they say, to realise that it has no effect on their mental capacities. I was talking with one of the guys who was severely disabled, but given an instrument that would enable him to use his body movements to create sounds. We were making some folk music, playing guitars and tambourines and chimes, and when I got to understand him, he turned to me and said “I actually don’t like folk music much. I’m really into hip-hop”. It was one of the funniest things, and it made me appreciate how taking time with anyone can really make a different to both them and you.

The Daytrippers Team: Is there anything you might feel like sharing?

Shaun Buswell:  It’s always a danger when I’m asked to share anything with myself, but I don’t have much of a filter. I’ll say anything anytime if I think it’s respectful, and I guess sometimes that gets me into trouble. I think we have a tendency to often over-sensitise things and worry about saying the wrong thing, instead of spending more time worrying about doing the right things.

I believe we’re currently in a society where we see pop stars on TV and think being like that will make us happy, yet as a society we don’t think a song is as important as a loaf of bread. Because of this, it’s really hard for creative people to feel at ease in this world sometimes. But I honestly believe that if you do what you love, then everything else will come in time.

The Daytrippers Team:   What motivates or inspires you to be creative?

Shaun Buswell:  This is a question I often think about and I honestly don’t know the answer. I can be moved by anything, from severe human rights violations by companies like Coca-Cola & Nestle, to a man whistling on the street. I guess I think that you creativity isn’t a switch you turn off and on, I think it’s always there, and if you’re living and breathing then anything that happens in life can inspire or motivate you.

The Daytrippers Team:  Thank you for your time and contribution, Shaun.


Shaun Buswell, musician and philanthropist


121212 Underground Orchestra Challenge

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