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5 Minutes With … Coldplay’s Will Champion

English musician, Will Champion

Will Champion, English musician

We Are Daytrippers proudly features the Rock Star drummer and dad, Will Champion. The 5 Minutes With section is about highlighting proper role models, mentors and creatives. We believe Will fits each category. He happens to also be a neighbour of Brook Morrison from the Daytrippers Team. The last time Brook had a brief conversation with Will, she was at a party hosted by Superman Brian Eno. Will was telling her about the types of people who pop into Brian’s regularly organised singing group (to which his lovely wife belongs): “Yeah, you never know who will show up. Paul McCartney was there once.” Brook thought it was humble and cool of him to be part of this incredibly well-known band, yet still show enthusiasm about other rock stars and seem so human. This year Brian and Will worked together on an album with Karl Hyde called Someday World, and he spent the summer on the world tour with Coldplay. Sure, he is a busy and talented musician, but we get the sense his real love is time spent with family.

The Daytrippers Team:  Who was your role model as a child?

Will Champion:  My role model as a child was probably my Dad.  An obvious choice but together with my Mum they made me feel as though anything I wished to know, they could help me to find out. We were surrounded by books and music in our house and it was a fantastic environment to grow up in.

The Daytrippers Team:  Do you have a role model or mentor today?

Will Champion:  We have been so lucky to work with some of our heroes and people from whom we have so much to learn.  Working with Brian Eno was a fantastic experience as he has produced some of the most wonderful music in my lifetime.  As a mentor, he inspired us to not be afraid of experimenting and expressing ourselves in new and unexpected ways.

The Daytrippers Team:  What is your creative talent and how do you cultivate it?

Will Champion:  I play music for a living which for me is a dream come true.  I grew up playing instruments in a house filled with music.  I was lucky enough to meet a group of like-minded people at university and have not done anything else since!

The Daytrippers Team: Do you have any experience working with disabled people?

Will Champion:  I have seen the benefits that music and creativity can have on everyone, not least those with disabilities.  It is an outlet that everyone can use, you don’t need training or proficiency for it to be fun and ultimately, music brings people together.

The Daytrippers Team: What motivates or inspires you to be creative?

Will Champion:  Working in music allows me to say and do things that wouldn’t be able to do in any other way.  It helped me find a ‘voice’ through which I could understand and communicate things and now it allows me to help other people, make people happy (or sad!!) and to create something that will be around long after I have gone.  I owe my whole life to music.

The Daytrippers Team:  Thank you so much Will.

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