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5 Minutes With … Daytrippers Celebrity Ambassador Kurt Yaeger

We got lucky!  Daytrippers Celebrity Ambassador KURT YAEGER  recently devoted an afternoon to answer a few questions for We Are Daytrippers in the midst of his very busy schedule.  Thanks so much Kurt.  We love what you said in this video as it was inspirational, encouraging and gives us insight into what makes you, you!  Don’t miss these five minutes with Kurt Yaeger:

Connect with Kurt Yaeger:  @kurtyaeger


*Many thanks also to Brian Ging and Stacy Kesten – a dynamic film duo out of Los Angeles who took the time to interview Kurt.


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The Daytrippers Team: “All I had to do was dare to ask”

Charlotte Munn from The Daytrippers Team describes how she discovered Celebrity Ambassador Kurt Yaeger.

Professional BMX rider and actor, Kurt Yaeger.

Professional BMX rider and actor, Kurt Yaeger.

Last year I went to Love Box and saw the very talented London based DNB band; Rudimental. I came back from the festival with one tune in my head; “waiting all night”.

The memory of the festival is resumed in the song for me. I hadn’t seen the video and had no idea what it was about until I sat down one day and watched it.   It revealed the accident and story of Kurt Yaegar, pro BMX rider, actor and now one of Daytrippers’ Celebrity Ambassadors(!!), it highlights how he overcame everything that the doctors told him; how he came about getting back onto BMX after breaking his back, pelvis and losing a leg (imagine!); and more incredible … he still rocked at it!

We tweeted him saying that we thought the video was great and he thanked us. I didn’t think much of it but then my colleagues encouraged me to write to him about Daytrippers to see if he would be interested in meeting us and to discuss a future BMX/Urban project we had in mind. He came to the UK and agreed to come and meet us!

Daytrippers was represented by Marlene (the French bulldog), Leila (Charity trustee) and myself. Kurt came with his British friend James and Huy, both BMX riders.  It was awesome that Kurt took the time to come and see us, he was so genuine and even thanked us for the work we do for disabled children. All I had to do was to dare to ask!  He is a great inspiration for the kids we work with and gives out a very significant message “to never give up on your dreams” even if there are limitations to what you can do physically and mentally you can overcome them through perseverance, compassion and encouragement.

We were so happy that he joined the Daytrippers Ambassadors programme and were thrilled when he told us he would be there for our London Zoo special children’s day weekend in May 2014.  We were ecstatic to see him there representing Daytrippers and he met all the 2014 Young Ambassadors; he even showed Dylan how to pop some wheelie’s in the wheelchair he’s been temporarily using.

Daytrippers Ambassadors Kurt Yaeger and Dylan Wilson

Daytrippers Ambassadors Kurt Yaeger and Dylan Wilson

What still amazes me to this day is how it all evolved from one little tweet into Kurt’s involvement as a role model for Daytrippers Kids.   You never know what can happen if you dare to ask.




Here’s the video that inspired Charlotte:

Stay connected to Kurt Yaeger, Rudimental and Charlotte:

Kurt:  @kurtyaeger

Rudimental: @RudimentalUK

Charlotte: @munnskies

Read more about Kurt’s visit to the Zoo:  http://daytrippers.org.uk/2014/05/20/moustachioed-teenager-who-charmed-us-all-at-london-zoo/


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