5 Minutes With … Virginia Damtsa

Mere steps away from the Daytrippers office is the art gallery Riflemaker where director VIRGINIA DAMTSA might be found cavorting with global art collectors or educating a class of university students about contemporary visual art.  When you meet Virginia she oozes a cool charm mixed with wisdom, sophistication and a surprisingly genuine kindness that can be a rarity in the fine art world.  Perhaps no one in London can rival her expertly trained eye for art and ballerina looks.  We Are Daytrippers was lucky to receive a brief interview from the half-French-half-Greek-turned-Londoner goddess:

Virginia Damtsa, co-founder and director of Riflemaker gallery in soho London.

Virginia Damtsa, co-founder and director of Riflemaker gallery in soho London.

The Daytrippers Team:  Did you have a role model or mentor as a child?

Virginia Damtsa:  My parents were only 17 years old when they had me so I had to be responsible for myself from a very young age and become my own mentor.

The Daytrippers Team:  Do you currently have a role model or mentor?

Virginia Damtsa:  I am interested in successful business women and men stories and especially what propelled them to become successful.

The Daytrippers Team:  What is your creative talent and how did you cultivate it?

Virginia Damtsa: I work with artists; create exhibitions, enable private commissions, special projects, collaborations and sell their work.

The Daytrippers Team:  Would you share a challenge in your life and how you overcame it?

Virginia Damtsa:  Life is full of challenges so my strength lies in hope, belief, hard work and perspective.

The Daytrippers Team:  What motivates or inspires you to be creative?

Virginia Damtsa:  Being creative is not something you become, it is something you intrinsically are.  The way I think, feel and believe is through images.

The Daytrippers Team:  Do you have any advice you might want to share to children who may be facing difficulties?

Virginia Damtsa:  Have hope and belief and make every day exciting by trying to learn or do something new or good.

The Daytrippers Team:  Thank you Virginia.  xx

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