MY STORY: Elliott Preston

New baby, Elliott Preston

New baby, Elliott Preston

Nurse and Mom Melanie Preston from Knoxville, Tennessee delivered ROBERT ELLIOTT PRESTON in her car on the way to hospital on 24th June, 2014 at 6:55 PM EST.  Melanie has agreed to update the We Are Daytrippers media project as a family with new baby Elliott who was born with down syndrome.

“Well this is a story for the blog.  I delivered in the car.”  That’s the message Brook Morrison from The Daytrippers Team read this morning.  Here is the rest of Melanie’s birth story:

I would have never guessed I would have had a TWO hour labor because my other two children were both induced.  Those labors were 8 and 6 hours which is short for an induction … my Mom had me in 3 hours so I should have considered the possibility!  Next time I will remember to head to the hospital ASAP.

In an hour and a half I went from contractions that were eight minutes apart to two minutes and I knew I was between 8-10 centimeters dilated because I remember how incredibly painful it felt when I had my first son, August.  By the time we got in the car I told my husband Bob to call the hospital and tell them I cannot physically walk to the Labor and Delivery department.  They would have to come get me from the Emergency area.  As a nurse, it helps to know the hospital layout and protocol.  However, the answering service was not exactly sure I knew what we were talking about so she transferred Bob to the L&D department and after some negotiation they agreed.  While Bob was on the phone with the nurse my water broke (not something I recommend in the car).

We were nearly halfway to hospital when I told Bob I felt like I had to push.  He said “don’t do that!!!”  Well, tough luck Bob.  Elliott wanted out and I could not bear the intense contractions.  Trying to keep Elliott in was not working out well.  I decided to investigate what was going on.  I saw the baby’s head.  Oh. My.  That’s when I told Bob we were definitely NOT going to make it in time to the hospital and we needed to call back to let them know.  In the middle of our talk I could not help it … a few pushes and I pulled him out!!!  Bob looked over when I was holding Elliott in my hands and got so pale and he kept asking if the baby was breathing.  YES, he was breathing and crying.  HELLO BABY.

Nuts.  When we got to the ER we just started laughing.  I had about 20 people wheeling me back on a stretcher with the placenta still in me and the cord just hanging out.  HA.  I wheeled past about 50 people in the ER like this.  They got an excellent lesson in anatomy and the resident in the room on call in the Emergency Department had obviously never seen this situation he was so shaken he couldn’t ask me questions.

Elliott is doing well on a little oxygen but they have already bumped it down and cardiology is going to run a bunch of tests tomorrow to pinpoint his heart defect.  Hopefully it’s nothing major, but it could be.  Are you ready, Elliot?  Let’s get this party started!

As for the car, we are filing an insurance claim.  It’s a disaster inside.

Elliot in NICU in the hospital.

Elliot in NICU in the hospital.

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3 responses to “MY STORY: Elliott Preston

  1. Gary & Marilyn

    Looks very handsome, congradulations

  2. Sarah

    Congratulation Melanie and Bob! What a gorgeous boy 🙂

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